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Sunday, December 26, 2010


SNOW!   It is the legendary stuff of songs and the perfect fluffy finish to the Holidays.

We have a White Christmas and what a beauty it is-  the snow was falling Christmas Morn and still continues the day after- coating everything in muffled silence.

Everything is cozy and warm inside and we have made several trips outside to revel in the snow. 

The roads are silent, the animals snug in their little hidey holes - our ladies are not really happy about having snow in their coop and have expressed their outrage with cackles and lack of eggs.

We see little birdy track and bunny hops in the snow and our kitties are too comfy in the garage to even care.  The dogs romp for a few minutes and are ready to return inside for a warm toasty bed.... ahhhh snow!

Karl spent a few hours trying to beat the snow off our cypress trees to avoid the ugly splitting we had last year.  The results of his 40+ tree-whacking tirade are yet to be determined- stay tuned. 

Mom made it home yesterday shortly before they closed I 40 in Mc Dowell County.  Our good bud Bob stopped in on his way today from Knoxville to Fairview- defiant that he will be able to catch a flight out to San Diego tomorrow.  We wish him safe travels but are so happy that we have no where to be but home, enjoying the weather.

Stay warm and cozy- but take some time to walk in this Winter Wonderland!

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