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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Spring Slaughter Begins

Roscoe P. Cole- Kitty gazing intently at bird feeder

Each spring brings new life and unintended carnage.  The return of the birds and birth of baby bunnies heralds the change of seasons and also means supplemental nutrition for Cletus and Roscoe.  While most domestic kitties kill and toy with their intended prey- our boys actually consume some of what they slaughter. 

The remaning parts are left as gifts of love.  It is amazing that a whole rabbit can be drug through the cat door and into the garage where it is then dissected with care and spread about.  One must also be careful when weeding the flower beds as it is not uncommon to find wings, intestines and varied heads of the dearly departed under flowers.

Despite our efforts, the carnage continues and we console ourselves that at least our cat food bills go down!  We have managed to protect the bluebird house by covering the pole with flashing but that does not stop the efforts.

A favorite kitty story we love to share dates back a few years ago.  My mother was recovering with us from a badly broken ankle.  Her rehab included walking laps around the wraparound porch.  After one exercise session, she was resting and birdwatching on the front bench.  Mom trained her binoculars on the flowering pear trees to identify a bird and WHAM-  she still marvels at the flash of white ( kitty ) that grabbed a bird in mid air! 

So much for a peaceful rest

Stay tuned! This week ( If I have energy to write)  -

Focal points for the garden-
The adventures of salvaging telephone poles-
and the question since Fall-  Will it be dry enough to till and plant?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dogs are a Barkin' on Easter! The Spring Over-do!

Dogs in this case would be my feet!  Today was beau-tee-full at the farm and we could not resist the "Spring Overdo" so Karl and I are both nursing aches and pains that come from planting, dividing plants and spreading way too much mulch.

I can say that the new Neutrogena SPF 70 does work!  Our pale withered winter skins emerged this evening unscalded from a full day outside.

Anyone else out there as stressed as I am over the late planting?  We have been unable to put in onions or other crops due to the constant rain-  I think even my asparagus crowns rotted in the ground-so far no shoots!

Well folks- these hands are sore from weedin'  Happy Planting