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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Too bad dogs can't read

Too bad Dogs can't read!

Ahhhhh the memories.  Our first project as a married couple lo these 7 years ago was to install a huge fenced- in yard for the dogs on the Lazy Dog Ranch.  The pups now boast a big area with trees and an indoor/outdoor run.  Karl electrified the fence a foot off the ground to dissuade digging and thus far- we have yet to have an escapee. 

It was a fine summer day in 2003 when we cranked on the voltage.  The wire had been strung a few days before and we watched the cats - Cletus and Roscoe rub their backs on the wire- like we had purposefully installed a "cat level backscratcher"    Now our cats are twins so one would assume the same level of intellegence- and we have simple found this is not so.  Roscoe immediately noted a hum on the wire and gingerly stepped aside.  Cletus- well he decided to do the ole rub- got a good dose of electric shock thearpy and proceeded to race around the enclosure like a racehorse with every little white hair standing on end.  Karl and I were there to witness this feat only previously seen in cartoons and we laughed until we cried.

That wire has not been necessary for over a year.  Recently, Sammie, the wee little Cocker Spaniel decided that he was going to try and dig out in multiple areas.  So Karl turned on the voltage and poor Sammie proceeded to imitate Cletus today in a yelping, screeching rant around the yard.

 Sammie has recovered and let us pray this will protect him from escape and potential harm.

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