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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dogs are a Barkin' on Easter! The Spring Over-do!

Dogs in this case would be my feet!  Today was beau-tee-full at the farm and we could not resist the "Spring Overdo" so Karl and I are both nursing aches and pains that come from planting, dividing plants and spreading way too much mulch.

I can say that the new Neutrogena SPF 70 does work!  Our pale withered winter skins emerged this evening unscalded from a full day outside.

Anyone else out there as stressed as I am over the late planting?  We have been unable to put in onions or other crops due to the constant rain-  I think even my asparagus crowns rotted in the ground-so far no shoots!

Well folks- these hands are sore from weedin'  Happy Planting

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