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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Making of a Farmgirl

Today was about the joys of rebellious shopping.  My niece Anna is spending her spring break on the farm- a place where she is just as much at home as the soil.  Unfortunately our first task was a miserable one-  Grandma wanted us to go out and get an Easter Dress, tights and new sandals... EEEWWWWWW!!  Now Anna is a lot more "girly" than her Aunt Shannon. She has her opinons and very quickly picked out a tasteful cotton dress, sweater, tights and shoes.  Her goal was not to have a frilly dress, but go get the Easter shopping out of the way so she could go to Tractor Supply Chick Days and play with the baby animals.  ATTTA GAL!

Now I simply could not help but to outfit her in a new set of Overalls and she also picked ( a very stylish  I might add ) Pink Tractor Supply Hat and Pink John Deere childrens work gloves.  I felt vindicated knowing she was more excited about her new "farmgirl" clothing than the frilly dressy stuff.  Somehow, I can't seem to get it across to my "city slicker brother" that pink dress shoes and dresses do not constitute "playclothes".   So between Tractor Supply and past visits to Goodwill - we now have her covered.  Our only disappointment today is we could not find her "work boots" like mine.

So after adequate chick time, we headed home to do chores.   All I can say is that kid can work.  In the space of an hour we fed dogs, cats, horses, chickens, cleaned the coop, picked up limbs from the yard - whew!  No wonder I am so tired! 

Anna exhibits such joy when visting.  She finds the Magic in our mundane...all the daily tasks we don't even consider- she enjoys and approaches with such excitement. 

All I can say is Poor Chuck!  You thought you got away from your sister only to have a daughter just like her! 

Of course unlike Great Auntie Erna did for us-  I will not teach her to cuss.... but if she gets a note home from her Spanish teacher-  She did not learn

"Dos cervezas, por favor."   from me!

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