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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thou shalt not question the Almanac!

March 2nd dawns with a thin skin of snow on the driveway.  We get the morning chores done, watch the weather and head into work as we never get what they are predicting- this morning "2-4 inches and the snow will wrap up mid morning"

HAH!  By noon offices are closed down as the snow continues to dump - it is possibly the Big Snow the Old Timers have been predicting- according to their almanacs.  I get home and check my Almanac- sure enough- we are off by a day- Snow.  It is a sobering  fact when you can now relate to how weather predictions are made by the rheumatism....

Karl trudges off across our neighbors pasture to hay the horses and I take Daisy down to chicken coop to gather eggs and supplement the feed.  Anyone who does not understand the colorful term "Mad as an ole wet hen" needs to come visit my girls when they are cold and wet from snow.  If a chicken can look pissed - they fit the bill.  All the veggie and fruit scraps will not make up for their discomfort.  They peck a litttle, fluff their wet feathers and huff back into the chicken coop- full of commentary on the weather.

Mom, who lives next door-  bade me over to take her little dog Rupert out for a run and I was rewarded with a cup of home-made hot cocoa! MMMMM.  It brought back memories of the snow days of yore.  However I am no longer motivated to stay out and play until frostbitten.

Daisy and I trudge back home and fill the bird feeders. The Robins are back in flocks - apparently, THEY did not read the almanac and have come back too soon as spring is not ready.

I have to have to check myself from grumbling about more snow.  It was just last winter we were in terrible drought.  While the pendulum has swung to oversaturation, the earth is now replenished and perhaps we will have some nice crops this year. 

The snow causes me to slow down- I put Daisy inside to nap by the fire.  I make a hot cup of tea, sprinkle some birdseed on the porch rails and settle in my rocker in the cold to watch the chickadees and listen .....
Soft chirps and quiet snowfall are a balm to the soul.

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