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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dawg Days

OK friends and famblie-  you have complained of no recent postings- so I am summoning the energy to write. 

Simply put - it is HOT and DRY and we are dyin'!   I have become soft since moving to the mountains- now when it gets above 85- I want winter back!  We have been less earth friendly and have had to turn on our AC.  The entire area is suffering from the heat and as we learned on the news- our area is in a little pocket with NO RAIN!  We have drained the cistern and had to choose which veggies we want the most and selectively water those.  No matter how hot and dry it is- the darn weeds still manage to thrive.  Wonder which ones of those we can eat?  Why aren't we grafting veggies onto crabgrass roots like we graft roses and trees to stronger rootstock?  Hmmmm 

The poor pups are so hot and we are sad to have to take out one of their shade trees soon-  our beautiful Chestnut is splitting at the base and threatens the house, garage and fencing, not to mention the dogs if they happen to be underneath. 

Daisy tries to convince us that she needs to be inside where it is cool- you see her sulking at the top.  The other pooches have been shaved for the summer.  Jessie has dug himself a nice baby pool sized hole in the dog lot which he curls up in to cool off.  It becomes muddy with our 30 second showers and he comes out looking more like an adobe brick than a lab- but he is happy even if encased in mud.  That is the nice thing about that dog lot- it is their space to be dogs- and they can dig, pee and chew to their hearts content.

This summer I have experienced a malaise much like when I had mono.  We have all had "it" and are unsure if it is an illness, the heat or perhaps some celestial cause - like the sun spots :)

I must rouse myself from the funk and get back to work.

Stay cool ya'll

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