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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recovering from Lightnin Strike


We had a freak super storm cell hit 2 weeks ago while at work. Mom thought she heard a crack over at our place- but when we came home - no clocks blinking, power was on-  that is until we tried to use the compter and then the TV. 

When I went out to see the pups, they were prancing about with huge chunks of bark in their mouths and it became evident that the point of impact was a maple tree in our dog yard.  Thank goodness we did not have pup-kabobs!

After hours of sleuthing we deduced the surge ran in on the phone line and fried our computer and DSL modem. Our satellite reciever was also affected

I won't deny the absence of connection the the outside world was not fun, but it is a challenge when one tries to work from home.

Of course life at the ranch has been packed with the impending summer- weeding.  We have had record heat and until today all the major thunderstorms have passed by leaving the land parched.

Just when you think you are fed up with Mother Nature- she brings the much needed water, cool after storm breezes and oh yes!  Art in the form of a huge rainbow.

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