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Monday, May 17, 2010


It is not a good idea to get creative in the garden at dusk-  I had the bright idea this evening to increase my "vertical growth space" for maters, beans and cukes.

Earlier this spring, Karl and I cut 16 foot hogwire panels in half to make them easier to carry.  We had used them for a portable chicken pen.  Hogwire is heavy duty welded wire- wire the size of one's pinky.

So I have these panels laying round and got the bright idea to zip tie two in an arch and put them in my beds- arching over the pathway.  Suffice it to say the wire does not bend so I then got out the heavy duty green fence posts, post pounder and proceeded to pound in supports.  My plan was then to zip tie the panels to the posts in a secure arch.  It was totally gothic and so neat!

I had one zip tie not quite right and proceeded to cut it-  completely forgetting that I had to throw my shoulder into the wire to place the zip tie to the post.  So I cut it and....


It sprang off the post and smacked me at close range right in the face... right over my sore nose which I injured last week moving a step ladder.

Let's just hope I don't sport a fence wire shaped bruise on my face tomorrow- that will be a hard one to explain at work :)

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